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November 20, 2013

4 of the best ways to use Twitter for online recruitment advertising

Social media has become a fixture in the lives of millions, a seemingly indispensable tool that people use to connect with people, follow their interests and build their personal online identity. Twitter has established itself as a firm favourite, especially for its ability to spark vibrant and at times contentious conversations and businesses have also embraced its power as a marketing and promotional tool.

Twitter is a fantastic option for supercharging your online recruitment advertising campaign. It’s easy to find people that work in your industry by following conversations, news and so on. But if you’re a bit bewildered by hashtags and @mentions, here are four of the best ways to use Twitter for online recruitment advertising.

1. Create A Pool Of Candidates.
Twitter allows you to search through the seemingly endless array of tweets, so you can search for relevant terms to your industry and find people who are talking about the latest developments and so on. You can use this to locate people who are working in, or interested in, your sector and use the results to build up a pool of potential candidates. This will let you target your tweets more efficiently. Make sure you also search for relevant #tags. These are words that people put in their tweets, prefaced by a # symbol e.g #recruitment, which allows people to easily find tweets relevant to their interests and get their tweets in front of people who might want to read them.

2. Use Your Network.
If you’re active on Twitter then you’ll already have a network of people who follow your company and are interested in what you do. This network can be used to amplify any job related tweets you do. People in your network will be highly likely to retweet if you ask them to. Simply at ‘please RT’ at the end of a tweet and you’ll find a lot of people will retweet, which means all their followers will see you ad, and may even continue to retweet. It’s possible to reach hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people in this way.

3. Don’t Just Tweet About Jobs.
Twitter is a social tool, it’s about interaction. If all you do is keep tweeting about a job vacancy people will simply ignore your tweets and maybe even stop following your account. It’s important to use Twitter as originally intended as well as well as for online recruitment advertising. So tweet about industry news or trends. Get involved in conversations, and importantly if people tweet you make sure you tweet back. This is great for brand building, which is really important for attracting the right candidates.

4. Automate Your Tweets.
This may sound a bit antithetical to the whole ‘interact and be social’ thing but unless you intend to have someone manning your Twitter in the evening hours a little bit of automation will go a long way in improving your visibility to candidates. It’s possible to compose tweets in a program like HootSuite, and then get it to post them at selected times. A lot of potential job hunters will be at work between 9-5 so may miss tweets. You can queue up some tweets about jobs, and also some non-job related posts, and have them sent out during the evening to ensure you reach as wide an audience as possible.

Twitter by itself isn’t an all-in-one solution for your online recruitment needs, but it’s a powerful tool which if used correctly can really boost your recruitment campaign.