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July 25, 2013

Are internships useful to both graduates and employers?

We recently had a French Undergraduate placed with us for 10 weeks as part of her Marketing and Communications degree programme.

The primary purpose was to give her an insight into how Marketing, Communications, Brand Management and Recruitment Advertising works in the UK, as well as of course to help with her English.

Although it did take some management time to make sure her experience was useful to her, we both benefited from the experience. She became part of the team and attended meetings with the agreement of clients. She also learnt about creating campaigns and the commercial side of the business. Her dissertation on her return received top marks, which delighted us. From our point of view, given our extensive business in the Education sector, it was extremely helpful to have amongst us someone of a relevant age and experience, and she very quickly was able to make herself useful in a variety of ways including research, media planning, and some excellent contributions to the development of creative platforms.

It would be interesting to learn from UK graduates if they have the same opportunity and experience in Europe.

Our graduate was placed with us by Navitas Ltd, who took care of all arrangements.



Aya's leaving card from 360 Degrees