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July 16, 2013

Back to the future?OLD-TYPEWRITER.png

A not so new view on secure documentation

Just caught a piece, on the BBC News website, regarding the Kremlin placing an order for electric typewriters. The rational cited is that with the increasing insecurity of electronic mail and leaks from computer hardware, they are reverting to the good old typewriter. Evidently material created via typewrite is deemed to be more secure than using a computer. However before rushing out to buy a typewriter – who still makes them? If you are a potential whistle-blower remember, in terms of deniability, every typewriter produces a unique typing pattern and documents can easily be linked back to the originating machine. Assuming of course you binned your machine immediately after use.

Do you think this concept could spread to corporate life? Got a private document? Type it and… glory be… send it via post! How secure is that? Has this got legs for HR? Want to give someone a million quid to go, don’t send emails, type it. No records left for later scrutiny. Don’t want anyone to see the minutes, type it and pass them around. No one can hack into the notes. Alternatively you could pick up a phone and, heaven forbid, talk to someone rather than rely on the printed word – hard copy or email.

Realistically however technology continues to impact on our daily lives and the security of information, our transactions and social exchanges become ever more of core importance. Here at 360 Degrees we understand that data integrity and security is vital when designing and building any web enabled solution. So we’re going forward to the future.