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October 22, 2013

My days at 360



360 Degrees in Rochford is where I did my work experience, and although I only did it for a short amount of time I have learnt a lot. It’s not a huge company, just a little one-floor office, but it feels as successful as any other big company.

It’s also very cosy and friendly; they’re basically (and in some cases literally) a big family that work together very successfully. It’s also incredibly peaceful and no one is stuck up or uptight, it was all just a laugh really.

When I arrived I met the managing director Graeme and he explained the fundamental parts of the business. He also went on to explain how the company runs, or how it should run. Later in the day I find out how it is actually run by one of the creative directors, not pointing fingers, among other things that I did not hear at all Graeme.

I spent most of my four days in the creative room, coming up with ideas for different companies. The two directors in there (Mark and David) got me doing jobs, and not the usual work experience jobs of getting tea and coffee or sending messages, real jobs for real companies. They also got me thinking of different ideas for their beloved penholders, and Mark, if my idea is used I want recognition and we can talk figures.


'Mark giving Chuck's payment request serious consideration'

That wasn’t the only place I worked in, I was asked to spend a little time with the finance department, and if anyone thinks that it’s just about numbers on a computer you are sadly mistaken. The amount of paperwork that was in that room… I could just about find a seat.

For my third day I was in the most crowded part of the building, where all the phone calls were being taken and the orders taken in. Again, they didn’t make me get tea or coffee, even though that was the main thing everyone was doing, they got me thinking about a companies budget and the medias that they could use.


'Emma doing the tea run because Chuck still won't make anyone a cuppa'

By the end of these 3 days my brain was about to blow up, one because a lady called Tara explained the education side of the business to me at 100mph and two I only had 4 days to understand everything and take it all in. But everything was explained thoroughly and to a degree that I could understand it perfectly well.


'Jack and Tara wishing Chuck luck as he runs his blog post past Graeme' 

My fourth and final day, was a Friday, so it wasn’t very tense or difficult, it was the most enjoyable day of my week. I joined in on the oldest work tradition, Friday pub lunch. Not many companies do this anymore, but it was very enjoyable. I also sent my first ad off to the publishers, which wasn't incredibly difficult, but that's because I didn't design the ad I just sent it off through a very simple website.

So, in total my experience at 360 was enjoyable, relaxing and I believed it to be very rewarding. Next time I go into an office I will know what to do and how to do it.

I just want to give my thanks to everyone at the company for having me and being so welcoming and I hope to see you all in the future.

Chuck Leggat