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March 04, 2015

LinkedIn Career Pages: is your employer brand present and correct?


There are 332 million people on LinkedIn. Each follows an average of nine companies, and 70% of them do so because they’re interested in working there.

There’s never been a captive audience like it.

But it’s not a passive audience. Even if only 20% identify as active job-seekers, the other 80% are looking to engage. They view profiles of your employees. They check for new content on your careers page. They’re ready to interact with your employer brand.

Is your employer brand ready to interact with them?

First and foremost, does your employer brand have an effective online presence? Gone are the days when that just meant a careers website. Today’s traffic is mobile and social recruiting has become the new normal – particularly for Gen Y. Cross-fertilisation is the name of the game: recruitment as marketing, marketing as recruitment, and social media networks as the pipelines for both.

Secondly – crucially – is the employer brand that you project online the right one? Is it consistent with all your other EB activity or does it look lacklustre, templated, just going-through-the-motions…? Does it dovetail with your consumer message (because that’s all out there in the same online marketplace)? Are you thinking enough about your current employees as well (how it looks to them, how they can become brand ambassadors)? And are you making it work hard enough to target the right people out there in social cyberspace?

Here at 360 Degrees, we’ve helped all sorts of organisations extend and exploit their employer brand opportunities through the smart use of LinkedIn Career Pages.

We’ve shown them how to customise and maximise the full range of content options – images, text, video, slide shows, employee profiles and so on – to showcase both their overall offering and their most immediate vacancies.

We’ve worked with our clients to tailor the message to the audience, both up-front and behind-the-scenes. A good example is our recent work with Argos. Each visitor gets what seems to them the full, rich user experience, reflecting both the Argos consumer brand and the employer brand – but, in fact, Retail professionals get an experience that’s tailored to their specific achievements, interests and ambitions, Marketing professionals to theirs, and so on.

Social recruiting is here to stay. It’s certainly a game-changer. More than ever before, perhaps, what you say about yourselves has to ring true: your people have their own online presence and they’re the living proof. But the bigger the crowd the greater the need to stand out from it too. You need to be distinctive.