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December 12, 2012

Pen potty time


Pot the difference.

Here at 360 we like to get in front of our clients as often as possible and we find one good way is to make sure we are on their desks 365 days of the year. That's why we send out hundreds of our 360 pen pot calendars every year.

And it's about this time every year the creative department start keeping an even lower profile than usual during the weekly team meeting. We know that sooner or later some bright spark is going to say 'what are we doing for the pen pot this year?'

So whilst we're busy working on this year's pen pot - a pen pot that, once you see it, we're sure you will agree shows the true character of 360 - we thought it would be fun to revisit those pen pots of yesteryear...


2005 - Insipid Pen Pot Solutions.


2006 - Who loves ya baby?


2007 - Banksie who?


2008 - Who let the freelancer design the pen pot?


2009 - Look! I've discovered the graduation effect in Quark 0.5.

(2010 - Let's try and forget the bizarre mix up between creative and client services which resulted in a 2010cm pen spot being drawn all over the client list.)


2011 - Spot the creative director.


2012 - Round about here I'm starting to run out of caption ideas.

UPDATE: The proofs are back from the printers. The corrections have been made. The mailing list is in. The 2013 360 Pen Pot will be ready to post in time for Christmas. Remember, if you're not on the list you won't have a pot to put your pens in. Don't miss out, drop us a line here and we'll make sure you too have 360 on your desk throughout 2013.