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July 19, 2013

My 360 experience.

Work experience is not just about sitting there all day doing nothing other than making teas and coffees like a lot of people say it is, and also it is not pointless. If you take the time and find a work experience place in something that you enjoy, the two weeks will be very good and fun!

But before the two weeks even starts you need to fill out a few forms for the school, that check stuff like health and safety, to finalize that you're going to be working there and the last one is to make sure that the company definitely want you to work there! On the first day of work experience it's weird, and a lot different to school. But personally I preferred it!

On the first day you ring the buzzer and walk into the office. Once you have met the person who is going to be supervising you over the two weeks, he/she takes you round meeting everyone who works in the office, telling them your name and them telling you theirs. Once you get settled in the office you should get given a place that you will be sitting in for during the 2 week period.

After this you should get given some work that they want you to do. I have been doing some work for the 360 Education website, Anglia Ruskin and a few more bits. Overall it has been a good two weeks and a lot better than school!

Will Stannard


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