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Anglia Ruskin University

Undergraduate campaign

Anglia Ruskin University is offering an increasing number of undergraduate courses with January start dates. These can be great for applicants; it gives them more time after Results Day to take some time out to travel or to work, or simply time to make the right decision about their future path. The challenge for Universities offering January intakes is that students aren’t necessarily aware that the opportunity exists; traditionally they haven’t been part of the usual UCAS cycle and so can be easily overlooked. The University asked us to develop a campaign that targeted those applicants who may not have managed to secure a place at University during the summer of 2012, or who had deliberately chosen to take some time off before going to University.

We knew that for the campaign to be noticed, it had to be bright and bold. We also took a multi-channel approach that helped us to communicate the “Your Future Starts Here” strapline that recognised the career crossroads that many applicants were facing. The intention was that through inspirational, engaging and positive language and images, applicants would recognise that HE could prepare them well for a future of work. 

The campaign was delivered through local print media, bus streetliners, billboards and a range of digital formats including MPUs, leaderboards, skyscrapers, web wraps and HTML emails. We measured it in terms of media performance through CTRs but also through conversions to open day bookings, applications and enrolments.




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