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University of Hertfordshire

Recruitment Advertising

To recruit prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students for courses university-wide..

We ran a Facebook campaign with general messaging, targeting 16-18 (UG) and 21-27 (PG) year-olds in a geographically relevant radius around the University of Hertfordshire (bearing in mind the pattern of where their students mainly come from). Parents (45+ age bracket) were also targeted with tailored messaging (‘Worried about what university is going to cost? Have all your questions answered at our Open Day…’) given their status as family decision-makers. Countdown messaging was used to build awareness of Open Days, i.e. 5 days to go, 4 days to go, don’t miss out etc. All ad placements were made use of, particularly Mobile as it achieves higher CTRs on average. In order to try and convert students who had already either applied to or registered their interest in the University, or who had signed up to attend an Open Day, custom audience campaigns were run using these individuals’ email addresses collected by the University faculties. This data was used to create unique audiences, to whom adverts were targeted specifically with personalised messaging e.g. ‘We noticed you are interested in/have applied to the Uni of Herts… did you know we have an Open Day soon? ’ Finally, post-event, attendees only were targeted with tailored messaging e.g. ‘Hope you enjoyed last weekend’s Open Day… now you just need to confirm your place!’

The steady but consistent rhythm of the campaign, building up over a period of around one month pre-Open Day with different messaging each week, increased awareness among the target audience without exhausting them with the same ads. A variety of images, ad formats and information kept users engaged. The campaign overall achieved over 12,500 clicks, with strong CTRs all round though especially from Mobile ads (typically between 1 and 2%). Average is 0.02% Conversion campaigns allowed the university to reach out further to an already-engaged audience, ensuring no wastage and maximising conversion opportunity. These ads performed especially well, reaching CTRs of up to 9%.



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