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Interview room material

They’re often closely linked. One can function as a part of the other. But here’s a question: where does employer branding become employee engagement? A good answer – and an untapped marketing opportunity – would be the interview room. That’s what Home Retail Group thought (with a little prompting from their favourite recruitment advertising and communications agency).

The average take-away candidate information pack… unremittingly uninspiring. (Do you really want interviewees to go away thinking ‘What am I doing?’) So rip it up and bring ‘head office’ to life. Start with a poster that makes the candidate feel as if they’ve been privileged to see an internal notice board – and then helps them out by feeding them easy-to-grasp facts and figures. Match that to a leaflet that reassures interviewees by resembling the notes they might be tempted to take. Make it all hang together as a piece of combined internal/external brand-building.

Happy candidate = happy client.


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Home Retail Group

Interview room material