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Recruitment Guide & Roadshows


What IHG needed was a recruitment guide to standardise best practice and provide consistent support across a national chain of 75 hotels, segmented into four UK regions. What they hoped to achieve, most of all, was to encourage Hotel Managers to consider all their recruitment options – from internal hire and job centres to local and trade advertising, posters and open days – before going to the expense of retaining a consultant.

To produce a guide that would actually be useful – and therefore would actually be used – we interviewed managers at length about their real needs and priorities. The guide itself was then built around a recent global employer re-brand, ‘Room to be Yourself’, and presented through a series of regional roadshows which we devised and produced. A central element was an interactive board game bringing the recruitment choices and cost implications vividly to life.

A great example of internal communications improving group spirit and boosting profitability: the guide has had an immediate, measurable effect on recruitment consistency and cost-effectiveness. Through the impact of the roadshows, the hotels have now bought into the benefits of using the global brand materials - and of working with 360 Degrees as their brand custodians.




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