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Kantar Wordpanel

Employer Branding 3 - careers website


The careers website has to clearly and accurately communicate what it's like to be part of Kantar Wordplanel and in the Haptics we had a bunch of people who could easily communicate this message for us. Take a look at the website designs below or, better still, watch the Haptics videos on this page and elsewhere on our website and listen to the Haptics yourself.

Read about part 1 of the solution here.

Read about part 2 of the solution here.

Or visit here.



The Hapics - Marketa

The Haptics - Paul

Kantar Worldpanel

Employer Branding 1 - Meet the Haptics


My Argos - employer branding

Kantar Worldpanel

Employer Branding 2 - campaign

RCT Homes

Employer Branding - We're better together

Kantar Worldpanel

Employer Branding 3 - careers website

Marie Stopes International