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Kantar Worldpanel

Employer Branding 1 - Meet the Haptics 


Kantar Worldpanel make it their business to know what consumers are doing and thinking. They’re the world leaders in this kind of market research and insight. So they must have known they were on to a good thing when they asked us to pitch for their employer branding (especially as they’re part of WPP and we’d be up against another arm of that global group).

The idea was simple. Kantar Worldpanel puts products and consumer habits under the spotlight to reveal true insights. All we proposed to do was to turn that spotlight on Kantar Worldpanel. With incredible support from the client, we created brand ambassadors from among the staff: using internal teasers, posters, emails and a microsite to engage everyone in choosing the most suitable colleagues - benchmarked against brand values - to be the Haptics (after the Greek word for a measurement based on touch – a long story). And speaking of long stories… you can see Part 2 of our solution here.

Cut to the chase. We won the business. Our solution went live.


Posters were displayed around the building 

HTML emails were sent out 

Kantar Worldpanel

Employer Branding 1 - Meet the Haptics


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Kantar Worldpanel

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Kantar Worldpanel

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