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Before they could nurture the business leaders of the future, Argos had to get across two key messages. They were only recruiting a select few high-calibre individuals - six max. And these weren’t conventional retail management opportunities, they were fast-track corporate careers with unimaginable scope.

We chose to intrigue and flatter our target audience in a way that respected their intelligence. Our ‘Choosy’ concept effectively acknowledged that if Argos were cherry-picking the best people, they knew those people would be cherry-picking the best employers. Holding back the Argos branding until the audience was hooked not only got them puzzling but gave our brochure and microsite – - time to show how Argos could live up to their expectations. And like all good creative work, the concept was actually integral to the proposition: our ‘chosen few’ discovered that the programme enabled them to choose the business area and career path that suited them best.

In a word… impressive. In the first year Argos recruited five exceptional candidates, plus a healthy talent database for other graduate-level positions throughout the business. ‘Choosy’ has become a staple recruitment tool for the attraction and selection of class leading candidates into the business. The campaign continues and existing recruits have been incorporated into the solution as ‘brand advocates’ for both the business and the scheme.

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