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1st impressions - graduate marketing


Ofcom, the communications regulator, needed grads. Good grads. But more than that, what they really needed was a proactive graduate recruitment marketing and advertising agency that was prepared to get under their skin, get to grips with – let’s face it - quite a complex proposition, and get some ideas across, fast.

They jumped at the chance to give us a full day’s induction into their business and their brand (well, they are the communications experts). We brought along an account director, creative director, copywriter, plus a recent graduate as a guinea pig. We spoke, in-depth, with six of their own recent grads, before grilling – metaphorically speaking – a vast range of resident specialists and decision-makers. And as we interviewed, we started to brainstorm ideas on a flip chart. By the end of the day we even had the seeds of our ‘1st wave’ graduate campaign.

In concrete terms: a successful campaign comprising posters, leaflets, ads and microsite. Less definably – but arguably just as important – we learned more in a day of face-to-face contact than we could have managed any other way. Which, given the looming deadlines, was kind of essential. Not that we went away convinced we knew all we needed to know. Because we know we never know that.




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