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Graduates 2015

We’ve worked with QinetiQ on successful graduate campaigns for a while now, targeting and delivering high-quality applicants keen to unleash their potential in defence, aerospace and security. But the world of defence and security, by its very nature, doesn’t sing from the rooftops about what it does. This year, we were asked to bolt-on a brand awareness campaign; could we target more high-quality candidates who might not have heard of QinetiQ previously? The client was keen for on-campus promotion and potentially a game or puzzle to hook people. 

Developing an addictive game that led into key messages and a call to action was key to the strategy. We felt there was an Augmented Reality (AR) advertising application - Blippar - that would fit the bill perfectly, so we developed four campaign ideas with a game using this app.

The result was a campaign called “Turn your potential into QinetiQ energy.” Our bow and arrow game, based on the often-used example of kinetic energy in action, is the perfect message to graduates who want to turn their own potential into a fulfilling career.

When students started university at the end of October, a carefully crafted, many-pronged approach was put into place: brand ambassadors visible on-campus at selected universities, wearing branded hoodies and talking to potential applicants; social seeding on Facebook and other social media; Twitter promotion by the client; flyers and posters; email banners and Google Adwords.

Students who successfully completed the bow and arrow game were given more information about the company and asked to apply – and the client is delighted with the results. The social seeding campaign was a success, with the potential Facebook reach via relevant groups standing at 9,436; meanwhile, students targeted on campus called the game “unique” and “a creative way” to get students involved. In the first three weeks alone, there have been 2,039 blipps, with 340 in one day, and 254 applications so far. That’s a lot of new potential to unleash.

Play the game.

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