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Flexible, affordable, usable. Recruitable.

Introducing our own Applicant Tracking System... It’s flexible, affordable and extremely, intuitively usable. It’s RecruitableYou can find out more about our beta release and sign up for a demo by filling in the form below.

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 Easy to use
 Seamless candidate journey
 Multiple users
 Post to job boards

We spent years designing and building careers websites - and many frustrating hours integrating our solutions with existing, complex Applicant Tracking Systems. We cursed the compromises we had to make along the way. And then we stopped cursing and developed our own ATS – one that meets our clients’ needs without unnecessary compromises, costs or complications.

Recruitable is what we’ve learned an Applicant Tracking System needs to be:

Flexible. We can make it work as a standalone system, integrate it into an existing corporate or careers website, or develop it as part of a seamless, employer brand-led candidate journey. It can generate HR reports too.

Affordable. No hidden costs here. You won’t need to pay a licence fee per user. Once it’s installed you can have as many user accounts as you like.

Usable. As in very easy to use, with a refreshingly simple interface. It does the basics so well, and so intuitively, you won’t need loads of manuals and training (although there’s support available if you get stuck).

So when is it available? Version 1.0 is already in use with two of our clients and we’re currently beta testing version 2.0. If you’d like to find out more and request a demo, just fill in the form above and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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