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Colchester New Store Opening


Signalling a new phase in their plans to be a digital retail leader, Argos were to open a new store in Colchester that would be different from any Argos store seen before. Its aim would be to create a new shopping experience for customers. Our challenge would be to help recruit the people who could bring this to life. People who were confident using technology – and keen to engage with customers.

First and foremost, given the audience we were after, our creative solution didn’t just have to look like modern technology, it had to work on it – across all relevant platforms. The microsite we were proposing had to feel simple, fresh, clean and accessible. Hence the disarmingly straightforward headline (with just a hint of the digital). Hence the easy-to-use interactive icons with which today’s app-literate audience could identify (and identify the type of person we were looking for). Hence too the copy behind those icons – giving Argos a fresh new voice.

A quickly-produced, smart-looking, responsively-designed microsite that can be viewed equally well on a phone, tablet or PC. Together with its supporting store poster, it captures and communicates the ethos of the new experience without resorting to creative trickery – perfectly embodying Argos’ digital ambitions.


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