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Not one, but two, challenges awaited us here. First off, the brand: BrightHouse wanted to challenge perceptions people might have of it, both as a company and as an employer. Second, the tech: the BrightHouse HR team use a specific Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to advertise jobs, so our website had to be built around, and work with, the SilkRoad ATS. Subtle brand repositioning AND geeky issues? They’re two of our favourite problems.

We went fact-finding by visiting various stores, head office and supply chain centres, to talk to the people who work for BrightHouse. (That’s the kind of personal service we like to give, don’t you know.) And it certainly paid off – because the campaign was born from talking to the staff. We discovered that the people who work there really love working there, and had some quite extraordinary stories to tell about their journeys and career paths. BrightHouse loved our “Extraordinary Careers” idea. To bring it to life, we organised photo shoots and video interviews with the staff, and built the campaign around their stories. Meanwhile, we had to ensure all the interested parties were in constant communication with each other, as a lot of work had to happen within a relatively tight timeframe. There were weekly conference calls between the agency, our IT department, the client and SilkRoad too, so that everyone knew their targets and deadlines, week by week.

One fully responsive, content managed, careers website with lots of video content, integrated seamlessly with the client’s existing ATS. BrightHouse is delighted with the site and, since then, has asked us to produce poacher cards, store posters and press advertising based on our Extraordinary Careers message. What’s more, on the tech side, the way the site has been built means it’s a portable, standalone solution – so if the client ever wants to switch ATS, that’s no problem either.




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