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Customer Experience Manager
recruitment campaign


Homebase is on a journey to become the number one retailer for customer service. Big ideals like that demand big solutions. Like the creation of a new role in stores – Customer Experience Manager. This wasn’t going to be a half-hearted “meet and greet” job, paying lip-service to higher standards; this was something bold and new that had to deliver on its promise, help change the culture of the organisation and evolve the brand. The recruitment campaign had to match up.

Love. Nothing half-hearted about that. Homebase wants people who really care about helping everyone live in a home they love. People with a passion for service. People who love customers. So, we reasoned, no point in being shy about it – let’s show it. And we did, simply, eye-catchingly, with appropriate warmth and humour, but also honestly: visually representing the role of the Customer Experience Manager in orchestrating the whole team to focus on the customer and their needs. As embodied in the video we shot for the dedicated landing page in which a “flash mob” of store colleagues forms a heart around unsuspecting (and soon delighted) customers.

As we speak, the campaign is just going live online, across a diversity of banners, job listings and HTML mailers – with that landing page very much at the heart of it. Since it’s too early to talk in terms of practical results, let’s focus on the emotional impact. Satisfaction. Pride. Hope. And a lot of love.



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