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Application respected

This may sound familiar. After applying for a job vacancy you end up having to assume that you haven’t been successful. No one even has the courtesy to drop you a rejection email or text message. So the next time someone asks you about that company, its people or its products, you’re not going to sing their praises.

Which is a silly situation for the company to get into. Sure, replying to everyone takes a little extra time, and time is money. But who can afford to be actively damaging their own brand every time they run a recruitment project?

Even if they’re annoyed that they didn’t get the job, most candidates realise that they were up against numerous other applicants. All they need is an acknowledgement of the effort they put into applying and they will feel better about themselves and the recruiting organisation.

Promote the brand, instead of bad feeling. It’s so easy – and if you look at any added costs as coming from the marketing budget, it’s money well spent.

Let us advise you on your Resource Management needs. We can help you see the bigger picture, or keep things small and simple.

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Application respected


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