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Trust. If we could bottle it, we’d make a fortune. Instead, we work hard to build it up. Take the CAA… Over the years, they had come to rely on us as a recruitment marketing partner. They knew we understood their employer brand and could be trusted to bring a consistent, professional, personal touch to their response handling - because it isn’t just about saving time and effort, it’s about ensuring best practice and adding value too. So we were agreed that we wanted to do it together. But now we had to make it work.

In close consultation with our clients, we created an outsourced candidate management service that would meet the needs of everyone involved: the HR people, the line managers, and the candidates, both successful and unsuccessful (the CAA has a reputation to maintain, after all). For reasons of consistency first of all, and cost second, the process was designed to be highly automated, via the back end of the careers website. Candidates apply online and at the closing date, the system collates application forms, CVs, covering letters, a copy of the ad and the job description, to enable the line manager to draw up a shortlist. Once we receive the list, we start work on inviting shortlisted candidates to interview and rejecting the others. Then, following the interview, we again handle rejections, as well as congratulating and handing over the all-important successful candidates.

A lot of effort saved on behalf of the client (as we all know, managing candidates’ and line managers’ diaries to arrange interviews isn’t just time-consuming, it takes real tenacity and talent). Peace of mind too: the CAA can depend on a robust, standardised application process that ensures a quality, consistent candidate journey. The system also generates monthly reports that include data for meeting diversity targets. And even the unsuccessful candidates have been sufficiently impressed with our service to offer grateful accolades. Overall, it works so smoothly that our clients consider our response handling specialists part of their internal resources – and we think of ourselves as working for them.


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